BI & Technology Management

Visionaire with it’s 12 years of experience, delivers technical solutions to business problems. We operate in the gray area between business and technology. We speak the language of both, and recognize implication of one on the other.

From the deep understanding of both areas, we help shape the business models that leverage an organization’s technical capabilities and then take responsibility for delivering that technology. We work with start-ups or companies going through change, where technology is seen as a source of competitive advantage.

If needed, we operate on an interim basis because we believe that, like individuals, organizations follow a life-cycle of birth, growth, maturity and death, and that the needs and activities of an organization are dependent on its stage of development. We focus on the earlier phases, or on specific projects with more mature organizations, both of which tend to be well-defined but distinct events. We work with our clients for as long as we’re required, and when the task is completed we implement an orderly transition and exit.

Scope of service may include:

  • Technology Due Diligence
  • Business Analysis
  • Technology Leadership, Management & Execution
  • Project Rescue and Turnaround
  • Solution Architecture
  • Application Development
  • On-call CTO
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