Testing & Quality Assurance

Testing and Quality assurance services are provided through VisionaireSTQA where we specialize in providing organizations with business oriented, certified, and experienced resources in the following fields:
1. Quality Control (QC) (Testing)
2. Quality Assurance (QA) process management and planning
3. Business Needs and Functional Requirements
4. Computerized issues and change management systems
5. Automated software testing

VisionaireSTQA takes the best of industry methodologies and practices, and applies them in a proven manner, meeting the needs of any organization. VisionaireSTQA has a unique, practical, and effective “risk management methodology” uniting business strategies and processes with QC, QA, Business Needs, and Functional Requirements along with the use of the computerized issues and change management systems. A consistent business oriented approach is used to provide these services. Approach consistency enables VisionaireSTQA to easily and effectively provide its services on an individual and integrated basis.

All VisionaireSTQA resources have significant experience and knowledge with regard to one or more of the following industry segments:
•    Retail/E-Commerce
•    Logistics/Transportation
•    Healthcare
•    Commercial Software
•    Financial
•    Real Estate
•    New Media
•    Communications
•    Government
•    Utilities/Energy
•    Oil/Gas

This enables VisionaireSTQA resources to effectively understand our client’s business objectives, business strategies, business issues and how the system(s) fits with the business needs.

The “V” diagram is the basis for VisionaireSTQA’s approach to determining the customer’s needs and ensuring that they are met at every business level.