Countrywide Financial

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One of the largest Mortgage companies in the US (now Bank of America).

Engagement :

This large and fast growing mortgage company had the task of Integrating Siebel 7 with their Legacy systems. Large chunks of data were on Mainframes and midrange systems not only at various Countrywide premises but also at its subsidiaries like Balboa Life and Casualty. The development, implementation, and integration were to go on simultaneously. Visionaire engaged with Countrywide in 2001 providing a team of key senior resources for the Siebel 7 implementation/integration project.

Visionaire’s Siebel integration and development experts worked with Countrywide and Balboa Management to establish best practices for internal procedures and processes of data analysis and how data schema changes will be implemented in the system(s). They managed resource allocation and balancing for multiple projects running in parallel. They established cross organization communication and integration development processes while reviewing and determining content and scope of each production release and developing and refining Change Request and Siebel Release processes.

Visionaire’s team also integrated Siebel components with the legacy system via Verastream using the Siebel 7 Financial Vertical application. This entailed advocating to the Technical Architect Committee the strategy of a unified integration structure utilizing the Verastream software for continued integration points into Siebel from the WFS Recap Website. Coordinating efforts with 3rd Party vendor and legacy teams as they related to the bi-directional integration touch points, scheduling and facilitating status meetings for all production deployment activities while creating graphical monitoring diagrams used in management communication.

Data integration also involved developing the Data & Conversion section of the project plan, evaluating that all data layer requests are within Siebel Guidelines for new tables and base table extensions as they related to current functionality and future upgrades, writing extensive business service code routines in Siebel Visual Basic for custom control table data loads.

Solution Areas :

Product Development, Solution Strategy & Delivery, Managed Application Hosting, Onshore/Offshore, Support Services.