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Asset Valuation & Marketing Inc. (AVM) specializes in providing real estate property valuation products in a wide range of markets. These products include Competitive Market Analyses (CMA, formerly known as BPOs: Broker Price Opinion), Commercial Property Valuations, Reconciliations, Property Inspections, Risk Assessment, Automated Valuation Models, etc.

Engagement: Visionaire developed a completely new architecture and design based on business drivers recommended by AVM managers. Working closely with the client Visionaire came up with a robust and scalable architecture and design, at the same time keeping the client’s budgets in mind.

Visionaire also developed a comprehensive rating system wherein any AVM professional can review every CMA for accuracy and apply a quality rating to each. All of AVM’s agents are reviewed and rated regularly, ensuring that only the best realtors are utilized. Realtor ratings are based on experience, timeliness, professionalism and accuracy.

Visionaire continues to provide Development and Support to AVM, thus providing a great example of a True Technology Partnership. 

Solution Areas: Product Development, Solution Strategy & Delivery, Managed Application Hosting, Onshore/Offshore, Support Services.